Paradise Is There

Paradise Is There - poster.jpg

Release Date: October 26, 2015

Running Time: 90 min

Rating: NR

Director: Natalie Merchant

Producer: John Bowermaster

Writer: Natalie Merchant

Cast: Natalie Merchant

Synopsis: Twenty years ago, Natalie Merchant recorded her first solo album -- Tigerlily -- which sold five million copies and launched her post-10,000 Maniacs career.  In those two decades, both she and the songs from Tigerlily have matured.  Last summer, Natalie re-recorded the 11 songs and on November 6th, they’ll be released in a bonus package, CD + DVD called, Paradise Is There.

The accompanying film – Paradise Is There, A Memoir by Natalie Merchant, The New Tigerlily Recordings was produced by Oceans 8 Films.  Natalie’s entire musical life is encapsulated in this very personal film, which digs deep into the music through live performances, archival footage, and interviews.  Her fellow musicians, friends, and impassioned fans share how the songs of Tigerlily have influenced them over the past 20 years, and speak to how the power of music itself affects us in profound, lasting, and uplifting ways.