The Test And The Art Of Thinking

The Test and the Art of Thinking - poster.png

Release Date: 27 Apr, 2018

Running Time: 1hr 25min

Rating: NR

Director: Michael Arlen David

Producer: Michael Arlen Davis, Jyll Johnstone, Sherry Daniel

Writer: NA

Cast: Chris Ajemian, Danielle S Allen, Martha Allman, Dr Richard C Atkinson, Akil Bello, Leon Bostein, and others

Synopsis: Each year more than 3 million high school students in the U.S. take an SAT or ACT college entrance exam.  For decades there have been questions about what exactly these tests measure, how predictive they are of academic promise or success, and their role in admissions.  Parents, students, and academics reflect upon this uniquely American rite of passage, exposing fascinating issues that extend broadly within education.