Mr. Chibbs

Mr. Chibbs - poster.png

Release Date: May 3, 2017

Running Time: 86 min

Rating: NR

Director: Jill Campbell

Producer: Jill Campbell & Barry Greenstein

Writer: Jill Campbell

Cast: Kenny Anderson, Natasha Anderson, Kenny Anderson Jr., Kenneth Anderson, Devon Anderson, Nate “Tiny” Archibald, Suaney Castro, Coach Bobby Cremins, Coach Bobby Hurley, Brian Oliver, Tianna Rodriguez, Deidra “Spinderella” Roper, Dennis Scott, Kenny “the Jet” Smith

Synopsis: Ten years after retirement from a career as a professional athlete, Kenny Anderson finds that basketball is easy; it’s life that’s hard.  Still reeling from his mother’s death, the former New York City high school prodigy and NBA All-Star loses a cherished coaching position, sending him into a midlife crisis.  Facing his personal demons head-on, the charismatic Anderson must come to terms with his past in order to find a way forward.